Songwriting, Recording, Producing, Mixing, and Producing to Video

Wisdom Teeth – Catherine Bullock

Wisdom Teeth was written late 2022, and recorded mid 2023. Recorded as a part of my Sonic Arts and Music Technology Programme at Victoria University Wellington, through the class CMPO286 – Audio Production and Recording. The final piece had to be mixed and over 5 minutes. Live instruments are vocals and acoustic guitar, recorded at Lilburn Studios. Drums are sampled. Produced on Ableton Live, Mixed on Protools. Video is a compilation of videos of my across the years making music, and was edited for this project.

Recording, Editing, and Mixing

Temptations – Tim Evans, Performed by Wellington Youth Choir

Recorded as a project for the composer, Tim Evans. Co-recorded, edited and mixed with Thomas Whaley. Also recorded in Lilburn Studios. Recorded on three cardioid microphones, mixed into left right and centre channels. Ensemble of around 20 people. Recording took around 3 hours, edited down into this one piece. Used with permission from both Tim Evans and Thomas Whaley. Sheet music is below.

Recording at Liburn Studios


Before Mixing
After Mixing

Rescue Me – Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers. Multitrack from Cambridge Music Technology. Mixed on Protools. Assignment as a part of CMPO286 – Audio Production and Recording.

Songwriting, Performing

When the Perfume Runs Out – Catherine Bullock

Performed as a part of the Joan Prior Award Youth Performers Showcase 2022 at Moon Bar in Wellington. I won the Joan Prior Award in 2022, and in 2023.

Modular Synthesis Composition

Screenshot of the my VCV Rack workspace for this project

Produced and recorded entirely on VCV Rack, with only free, publicly available modules.

Foley and Scoring

Recorded as apart of CMPO101 – Introduction to Composition, Digital Music, and Film Scoring at Victoria University of Wellington. Recorded at home, or using copyright-free samples.